Monday, March 20, 2017


A few weeks before I started work while it was still hot and summery, I decided to give Parkrun a go. A free, organized, timed 5km run, there are a few local Parkruns around us that start at 8am on Saturday. I had actually signed up for Parkrun last year, received my barcode etc but just never got around to it.

My first Parkrun and I managed the 5km run in 34m 24s. I was really happy, as I hadn't trained for it, and hadn't been able to complete 5km in the last few years that I have "been running".

The next Parkrun and Rob joined in ... it has been quite addictive! This time I pushed for a better time, my competitiveness saw me complete the run in 31m 51s.

So near the sub-30m mark and yet ..... I've only done 3 runs, and with work being all time-consuming, haven't managed to motivate myself for anymore.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Lots of bikes

My very handy dad can turn his hand to anything! Many years into retirement and he has to keep his mind and body busy.

From frankensteined bikes to fixing things around the house, I am still taken by surprise at some new thing that appears.

Bike parts, small bikes, large bikes, a motley collection of bikes for Jimmy to choose from ....

Small wheels, large wheels, spare wheels!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Moving mountains of sand and mulch

Hot on the heels of painting kitchen tiles, organizing new carpets and painting, was some new garden edging at the front and back courtesy of Jihoo's Gardening Service. This young lad lives across the road from my parents, and his rates for gardening and handyman work is very reasonable.

At the end of this job, there was a small pile of yellow brickies sand leftover.

Guess who had to move this small mountain of sand? Yep - you guessed right - ME. I shovelled and wheelbarrowed sand around to the back so that I could take an uptodate photo of the front of the house. I thought it would only be about 3-4 wheelbarrow loads .... turned out to be more than double that, plus my dad's wheelbarrow was rusted and almost broken!

It was hot and sweaty work. The next week, we had mulch delivered. At least, this time the mulch was a lot lighter than sand when it came to shovelling and pushing the wheelbarrow ......


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