Monday, July 04, 2016

TAFE break and lots of shopping

I've been on a 4-week break from TAFE and it's been fabulous! What have I been doing with my time?

For the first 2 weeks, not very much. I shopped for contact lens and new volleyball shoes for my daughter:
These Asics Gel Rocket 7 volleyball/indoor shoes cost $79 (plus $10 postage).

I got rid of our old noisy Vicks Vaporiser and bought an Able Ultrasonic Vaporiser/Ioniser/Air Purifier  from my local ChemMart chemist, which had it on special for $65 (down from $99).

I also looked around for something to replace our old worn vertical blinds in the lounge but I haven't found anything that I like yet.

So far, I've spent my time doing a lot of online shopping! I bought a beautiful blue cast iron casserole Dutch Oven on ebay ($69).

Hmmm .... well I did do some updates to the AOTP website (Association of Operating Theatre Practitioners) of which I'm a student rep and a website-update-helper-person ..... and I also looked at some apps for my Android phone which could easily resize images so that I could send to my blog ... I was doing a rather-convoluted thing of using my phone's email app (which I don't normally use as I use the Gmail app instead) as it had a resize image option ...

But I think this Photo Resize is pretty darn good so far, it comes up in the image "share" options, you choose the size you want, and then you share it straightaway in the normal way - to Facebook, or email etc.

What else ... I started preparing for tax returns :(

And then I did more shopping!!! Hee Hee..... I purchased a Kaboodle t-pull cupboard handle from Bunnings ($10) to try out ....

Our current kitchen handles from the reno a few years ago started to bother me, as they gather dust and dirt. Yea yea ... so you only see it when you bend down close (which I do quite a bit as I also notice the dirt and smudges on the glossy cupboard doors!) - first world problems :\

As usual it was hard to choose a style, but I bit the bullet and bought just one to try out. I like it - so ... instead of spending a few hundred dollars on replacing all the handles, I bought some cheaper versions on eBay:

They're lighter and a tiny bit shorter, but once on, you hardly notice any difference.

Volleyball has been up-and-down a bit, especially with my serving. My back injury from last year plays up quite often, making it difficult to jump and bend and move. My serving can go from pretty awesome to pretty awful within a few minutes. I've been focused on doing more stretching (for my back, my glutes and my ITB), more weights (for shoulders) and more core work.

I also bought a knee strap as I get knee pain quite often after volleyball, I think I have jumper's knee ... I'm still waiting for it to arrive to try out.

As time flew past I realised I didn't have anything to show after more than 2 weeks at home. So I decided to do some painting. What could be more obvious than a new coat of paint on the walls?? That will have to be a post for another day ... as I sit here hastily trying to catch up on blogging, I must, I must ... get back to a bit of studying and start working on some TAFE assignments!

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Jimmy - 3 year 10 months update

Is this the last "Jimmy update" post which I wrote?? Almost 2 years ago?? Gosh I've been SLACK! Jimmy turned 2 ... and 3 .... and now he's almost 4!!!

Last year, Jimmy went from family daycare to prekindy.  This year, I enrolled him in a different kindy. It was nearer, and had a very good reputation. Unfortunately, no Childcare benefit. But with my days and hours at TAFE, I took the opportunity to juggle him into 3 mornings a week (2.5 hours) and a full day on Friday (9-3pm).

He's adapted very well, and I'm really happy with the decision.

Biking around

Soon after he turned 3, Jimmy started riding around with NO TRAINING WHEELS! Credit goes to my dad.

He still loves his bikes and scooters, so much so we brought a spare scooter over with us to Tioman Island and left it there when we departed

Toilet Training
Early this year, Jimmy started to have dry nappies in the morning. I was rapt (especially since my eldest son was still in nappies when he was 6). We were a little bit worried that he would regress when we went on holiday in April, but everything is ticking over nicely and he is now Fully Toilet Trained!!!

He's been going without nappies during the day since he was around 1 1/2, still announces "wee wee!" when he needs to go and does #2 in the toilet.

The Many Many Faces of ....



Jimmy JimJam

Monday, June 06, 2016

Historic day - playing against my daughter in same volleyball league

It was a historic day last weekend - the first time playing against my daughter in the same volleyball league! Ashlea has been playing for UWA for the last few years, and has steadily progressed up the ranks. This is my second year with Rossmoyne Masters, and we faced off in the WA Volleyball League (Superleague 2 division).

With her almost 6-foot tall height, Ash can set, play middle as well as outside. With my 5-foot-3-inches nothing height, I mostly libero these days.

It was awesome to finally play against my daughter, so proud that she has made it up to the same division as her mum, and still a sweet 3-0 victory for us over Uni Gold.


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