Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Plasma donation and eczema

I haven't donated blood for a long time since my last plasma donation in May 2015. I felt really tired and rundown, and then I was told my ferritin levels were really low.

So I held off donating, but decided to have another go a few weeks ago. I actually wanted to try and donate platelets, but was told that they weren't taking platelets from females anymore ... something about previously pregnant females having antibodies or something .... I can't remember why!

I donated on a Thursday and went away that long weekend. I did feel extremely exhausted at certain points, including when I was driving back on Monday. Reading a little bit on the internet and I decided to drink Powerade to power me back on track.

I also read that donating plasma may reduce your levels of antibodies and make you more susceptible to falling ill. I'm really not sure if I'll donate again.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Dirt biking

It's a little bit tricky getting to a decent park where we can ride our bikes. At the moment we plonk Jimmy into the bicycle seat on the back of my bike and Rob straps his bike to the back of his.

We've discovered a park nearby that has some good paths ie muddy paths that Jimmy loves riding through!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The flooded pond

We're the last week in the first month of spring, and it's still cold, rainy and windy like winter. Apparently we've had the coldest Perth winter in the last 20 years.  Everyone is shaking their head, most of us have had enough of the cold and wind!

The pond nearby has flooded with all the winter rain. Rob and Jimmy stand on the edge, gazing. We warn him about not riding through the footpath which is completely covered with water.

But my Water-Dragon-son is a water boy, born in the year 2012. He roams over woods and rides through muddy puddles like a true water dragon   ;)


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