Friday, December 30, 2016

Looking back at 2016

This year has been all about TAFE. After many false starts, I was finally enrolled into the Diploma of Anaesthetic Technology. It was a bit overwhelming at first as we dived into gases and Boyle's Law, Charles' Law ... physics and electricity. The anaesthetic machine check dominates the other units and it was a relief to get it done and out of the way. A few weeks ago, I completed the last of my assessments and received my diploma.

I had my mystery itch resolved - "just" eczema and $$$ later, I have to be fastidious with moisturiser (and not just any old moisturizer either) to prevent any flare-ups.

April and another trip to Tioman is organized, this time with Rob and Jimmy, my dad, my cousin Tiff and her husband James. Malaysian heat and humidity hits hard especially in the afternoon. Even with the fan on, Jimmy lies in bed sweaty and sleeping.

I visited the folks at Juara Turtle Project from my volunteer trip last year. But there's bad news for Tioman and its residents, with urbanisation rearing its ugly head. I am at a loss that it can be allowed to happen, the turtles are fast losing their nesting beaches and this seems to signal the end of Tioman time.

The volleyball front - second year playing for Rossmoyne Masters, Ash is still playing for Uni but she has made it into the Uni Gold team and so this is the first time that I face-off with my daughter in the same league - Superleague 2 (renamed from Superleague Reserves).

Our team is undefeated all season, but with no committed middles, injuries early on and the absence of a key player, we struggle through semis and don't make it to the grandfinals.

Jimmy turned 4, attended prekindy and is still into scooter, bikes, trucks. In the cooler months, we start exploring nearby tracks and dirt-biking. A few months ago, he upgraded to a bike with larger wheels, and .... the speed! The confidence!

Rob started working from home a few months ago, and it's a nice opportunity to do more father-son things ...

His headspace at the moment is all "boy" stuff - giggling at farts, making poo-poo jokes

It has been a busy year, as study dominates my time. I am anxious and restless as I apply for jobs, waiting to start a new chapter.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bush Christmas

This year, my sister hosts Christmas dinner again. It's a small gathering as Rob has gone back to England for the 12 days of Christmas .... so it's my parents, my sister and her family, Jimmy and me.

It's not a typical scorching Christmas day but still fairly warm as we get there at 5pm.

On their large property, there's plenty of space to run about, and after a bit of persuasion, Jimmy climbs up on the quad bike with me and my nephew. It's my first time on a quad bike! And I wish for a helmet as we tear around corners ... no, not really but it does feel a bit scary and unsafe.

My neice and nephew are great, they take the time to entertain Jimmy. He has missed his older siblings' and interacting with them, so follows his boy cousin around like a shadow.

A very funny and impromptu episode of play-acting with the "lightsabre" has me in stitches.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Channelling Rey and my inner force

It's Star Wars: Rogue One time, and I thought it might be fun to ... dress-up. Strange really, as I am usually NOT into dressing up!

With only a few days to go, there wasn't any time to op-shop or buy anything from ebay. I contemplated getting some long white robes but my hair wasn't long enough to do Princess Leia "cinnamon" buns. So, I went as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
She's pretty tough, and I really wanted to capture her look. Complete with bags, belt and arm protectors.

 It was a hot day even though the movie was on that evening. I sweltered and puffed, pulling at my scarf-robe things to get them into the right position ..... and obviously, I didn't have a staff like Rey's but used my old Chin Woo gun (pole).


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