Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Feeling slack-jawed

Needed a trip to the dentist recently to get 2 fillings done. It has been ages since I've needed a filling, but I'm getting little grooves at the root from (apparently) brushing too hard and this makes it sensitive to eat things which are too hot or cold.

First up - I wasn't sure if I needed a needle but I did! OMG. It was a little bit painful but bearable. 2 fillings later and one side of my face is numb.

I think I can see where one side seems droopier than the other...

Hubby asks if the fillings are white so I take a selfie but can't quite see anyway

The anaesthetic takes about 4 hours before starting to wear off and I'm not supposed to have any hot drinks. This is my attempt to smile without feeling all the muscles in my jaw!

Finally, the cost per filling is $143 and my health insurance (BUPA) covers $114.80 (item no 531). Out of pocket cost is $56.40 which is reasonable and my purse doesn't feel too numb ... need to go back for another 2 fillings later.

Monday, December 15, 2014

100 Biscuits for $5

I stumbled across a recipe for biscuits on Facebook recently and they worked like a charm. Super easy and you don't need a million ingredients.

The 4 basic ingredients are:

Combine 500g of butter and 1 cup of sugar until creamy
Add 1 tin (395g) of condensed milk
Add 5 cups of self-raising flour

(If you're like me and forget proportions, just think 500g butter = 5 cups SR flour

Because I didn't have the exact quantity of butter (it was a lopsided slightly used block of around 450g), I had to estimate the amount of flour to add. Basically I added a whole heap, then mixed it up. I then checked on the consistency until I guessed it was about "right".

From here on, you can add anything you like - I added cranberries and whatever leftover nuts I had in the pantry (almonds worked well, hazelnuts didn't work so well!). Oh and you definitely need choc chips!

Put a giant blob on some baking paper and form into a rough log. The dough isn't actually too sticky (a bit of flour on hands on help) so this is quite fun.

Use a ruler to help form a nice smooth round log by tucking it under one end and pulling the paper towards you. Flip and repeat until happy. These are good if you don't plan to use them straightaway, keep them in the fridge or freeze them.

I also pulled off small bits of dough and shaped them into balls. Then press them flat with a fork for a nice pattern. Or use whatever. Even the palm of your hand or fingers will do!

Bake in moderate oven (about 180C) depending on your oven. I think I could have dropped mine to 170C. They are done when golden, either leave them a little bit on the soft side or crunchy and golden.

They are much easier to cut if left in the fridge first. Let them soften a bit and then cut them up. Away you go!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ikea and mirrors

A fun day at Ikea with Rob and Jimmy. We actually find a corner which we haven't seen before - it's kinda hidden behind a partition, and it's a bit like walking into Alice in Wonderland!


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