Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dining out with kids

Dining out and kids - they don't seem like they belong in the same sentence. Looking at a friend's photos on Facebook, they seem to get around restaurants and cafes with their little toddler in tow - is she a mega-eating machine or what?

For us, Jimmy will only last about 10 minutes in a highchair before he starts trying to climb out.

I decided to search for family-friendly cafes and restaurants - there was a list of 10 Restaurants with Kids Play Areas in Perth and also a list on BuggyBuddys.

They looked promising and we decided to give Ninniku Jip, a Korean restaurant in Vic Park.

The play area was set in a corner of the restaurant, and glass walls meant that you could keep an eye on your child.

Except Jimmy wanted us to stay with him in the playarea, so Rob and I had to tag-team....

The kids' meal was $9.50 (honey soy chicken). It's a price that we would normally expect to pay full a full adult meal.....

Rob ordered the seafood udon, at $18.80 it was also on the pricey side. His verdict - fairly ordinary.

We arrived quite early about 6.30 and service was very good. The restaurant filled up fast so I guess it was fairly popular. (71% likes it on UrbanSpoon).

For people with slightly older kids, or those whose kids are just better at staying put, Ninniku Jip is pretty family-friendly. But for someone brought up on Asian cuisine, I would say it was average and overpriced. Now I know we only had 2 dishes, and that might be a little bit unfair to judge a restaurant on just 2 dishes. BUT. We can't all order lots of things on the menu, it's just not practical so a restaurant should ensure that every single one of its dishes is delicious and up to standard.

Monday, September 15, 2014

20 seconds of TV fame

I had my 20 seconds of tv fame on Channel 9 tv recently. A reporter had found my blog, and contacted me to see if I would be interested to speak about my IVF experiences.

The story was actually about Concept Fertility, you can view it here.

It was pretty casual but I made sure I had a nice top and some lipstick on! I was also pretty worried about how I would sound - I didn't want to sound stupid, I didn't want to speak bad English and I didn't want to be unprepared!

All in all, it was casual but a bit stressful at the same time. And all for 20 seconds of tv air time. Lol.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Free tree

Our front garden received some welcome additions the other day. After mulching the front lawn and removing a large gum tree late last year, the front garden looked rather bare.

We wanted to plant some trees, but mature trees can cost quite a bit so we decided to ask our local council to plant some trees for us.

First thing was choosing the kind of tree you wanted. The council has an "approved tree list" for parks and verges which you can choose from; deciduous, evergreens, large trees etc. There were natives (bottlebrushes, red flowering gum), exotics (Evergreen Ash, Jacaranda, Crepe Myrtle). I wanted a tree which wouldn't drop its leaves. A flowering tree also sounded nice.

I made a shortlist of trees: orchid tree, crepe myrtle, purple leaf plum, manchurian pear, bradford pear, capital pear, evergreen ash, little gem magnolia

Due to the power lines over our property, we also had to consider how tall the tree would grow. I think I decided on the crepe myrtle, but then the guy who came out to have a look talked me into something else. It's been so long that I've actually forgotten what I chose!

The trees were supposed to be planted in winter, but they've only just been planted and it's a week into spring.

We got 3 trees - woo hoo! They make the front look heaps better already. Oh and I think they may be evergreen ash ;)


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