Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Fence

We've been in the same house for almost 15 years now. The kids grew up here, spent many summers jumping in the pool. Being an older house, we've also done quite a lot of renovation and maintenance.

This summer, it was the fence. An old wooden picket-style fence, the varnish was peeling and it was leaning in a few places.

The neighbour adjoining us always complained about the fence - about how he didn't choose to put it up, and how the owners before us had the fence erected on his side of the boundary blah blah. It grew quite tiresome hearing the same story over and over again. So when we approached them about sharing the cost of a new fence, he simply said "No" and then started repeating the same old story.

The neighbour on this side was a lot more accomodating - they were renting the property out but were happy to share the cost of a new fence.

The utes and trailers arrive, Jimmy is thrilled to see the cement mixers.

They start by using a chainsaw to cut through the fence and bring the pieces down.

Fence post holes are dug, filled with cement. The posts go in and the fence slowly takes shape.

By mid-afternoon they finish.

$525 (our share) for fence above

$1220 for total cost of fence below

Monday, June 22, 2015

Applying for TAFE (part 3)

Last month, I tried to apply for the Certificate of Anaesthetic Technician at TAFE. Again. In September last year, I had applied for the first semester 2015 intake, only to be told it wasn't being run and to wait and apply for second semester 2015. Which I duly did.

This time .... the course didn't even appear on the selection list for second semester! ??? Confusion plus. WHAT'S GOING ON, TAFE???

A few emails, plus more follow-up emails later and I finally get an answer:-
"Thank you for your enquiry into the Anaesthetic course at Central Institute of Technology.

The Cert IV in Anaesthetic Technology will no longer be delivered nationally and the next course Central will deliver is the Diploma of Anaesthetic technology commencing 2016.

Please contact us or check our website at www.central.wa.edu.au in December 2015 for more information on dates and requirements."

REALLY???? I think in life, there are certain things that I am very PAI MIA. This is Hokkien for bad luck/fate ... whatever you want to call it. And that certain area of life is work/career. I always seem to have someone that I don't get along with, who annoys the shit out of me, who I can't stand and need to move away from.

And now, when I am trying to change my career, my pai mia just seems to follow me.

Again, I question if I should do something like a Diploma of Nursing (18 months at TAFE with an enrolled nurse certification at the end). I also look at a degree in nursing at Curtin (3.5 years witih a registered nurse certification at the end). I could possibly do the Master of Nursing (2 years) but it would be at a slightly higher level with more research-type study required. Plus I would have to do a bridging course - Health Sciences Graduate Entry Foundation Course (6 months at Curtin).

I finally decide to wait for the Anaesthetic Technician course to be offered next year - hopefully. In the meantime I apply and am accepted into the bridging course for second semester 2015. Fingers crossed!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Transition to family daycare

So I guess this is Plan C. After a few feeble attempts at putting Jimmy in daycare and kindy gym last year, I put Plan C into action.

My plans to start studying at TAFE was on the cards, and I decided to look into family daycare as an option. Both Josh and Ash went to family daycare (FDC) when they were younger, and I was fortunate to have really good mums who looked after them.

FDC is a scheme where mums look after kids in their own home. They can only look after 4 kids under school age and 4 over school age. They are regulated, and must be registered, checked, have a program etc etc. Some provide food and some don't.

We went with a lady who lived about 10 minutes away from us. I met her, then brought Rob and Jimmy to meet her. No problems there. The problems actually started before Jimmy even started attending - when I told my parents he would be attending family daycare 2 days a week.

According to them, in their own words - "We are heartbroken ...."

What! Heartbroken that they would only have him for 3 afternoons during the week instead of 5??

Well. They HAVE been looking after Jimmy since he was born, from the initial newborn days :

to the many milestones

It took Jimmy about 6 weeks to fully settle into daycare. Initial crying, not wanting to go .... now, he's firmly into routine, he knows that Tuesdays and Fridays are Sharon-daycare days. He has little friends to play with. So far, so good.


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