Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Broken blog links

I'm pretty particular when it comes to websites. Accuracy of information is important, and having worked in online content management for a while, a badly-designed website is one of my pet-hates.

If I find a broken link, I will usually try and send an email to technical support.

So I was browsing the internet not so long ago, and decided to plug in my blog URL into a free website-link-checker. And .... I had over 100 "broken links"! Guess I won't be emailing myself to complain about these links! And I probably won't ever get to fixing them anyway.

Broken link (you can scroll this field left-right)
Page where found
Server response
1url src404
2url src500
3>>url src404
4url src404
5url srcbad host
6url src404
7url src404
8url src404
9url src404
10>>url src404
11>>url src404
12>>url src404
13>>url src404
14>>url src404
15url srcbad host
16url srcbad host
17>>url src404
18>>url src404
19url src404
20url src404
21>>url srcbad host
22url src404
23>>url src404
24url src404
25url src500
26url src404
27url src404
28url src404
29>>url src404
30>>url src404
31url src500
32>>url src404
33>>url src404
34url src404
35url src404
36>>url src404
37url src404
38>>url src404
39url src404
40url src404
41url src500
42url src404
43>>url src404
44url src404
45url src404
46>>url src404
47>>url src404
48url src404
49url src415
50url src404
51>>url srcbad host
52url src404
53url src404
54url src404
55url src404
56url srcbad host
57url src404
58url src404
59>>url src404
60>>url src404
61>>url src404
62url src404
63url src404
64url src404
65url src404
66>>url src404
67url src404
68url srcbad host
69url srcbad host
70url src500
71url srcbad host
72>>url src404
73>>url src404
74url src404
75url src404
76>>url src404
77url src404
78url src404
79>>url src404
80url srcbad host
81url srcbad host
82url src404
83url src404
84url src404
85url src404
86>>url src404
87url src404
88>>url src404
89url src404
90url src404
91url src404
92url src404
93url src404
94url srcbad host
95url src404
96url srcbad host
97url src404
98>>url src404
99url srcbad host
100url src404
101>>url src404
102url src404


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