Wednesday, March 04, 2015


About 2 weeks ago, "the Giants" came to Perth. It seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so we decided to head down into the city to see them.

We drove to the nearest train station around 9.30am and were taken aback - there was a long queue of about 30m at the front. I did a quick scout while Rob waited at the back of the queue with Jimmy and realized it was just for people buying train tickets (as those who don't normally travel by train don't have a smartrider to tag on).

That was the first small hurdle.

The next hurdle - the train that arrived was absolutely jam-packed with people heading into the city, all with the same aim as us. Another 10minutes wait and the next train was the same. We decided to fly into the train on the other side, heading in the opposite direction to Mandurah. A few stops later, we hopped out and raced back into a train with some space. Within a stop or 2, it was full and there was no room for anymore passengers when the train got to the train station we had initially waited at.

Now before I continue, I have to state how much I hate crowds. As I've gotten older, I really can't stand crowds anymore. It's been years since I've been to the Perth Royal Show, as I-HATE-CROWDS.

So what am I doing, being part of a crowd, standing in a crowd, crowding around a street???? I've never ever seen SO many people in Perth city before.

There are people with strollers, young families, older people .... anyone and everyone in Perth seems to want to see the Giants. As we stand near the road, protecting our precious little spot in the hot sun, I set off to find a toilet for Jimmy ... there's nothing nearby and I improvise with an empty juice bottle and a quiet office alley.

Finally the girl Giant arrives atop a moving ship. There's water splashing around, loud music and it's very festive. Jimmy jiggles around and seems to enjoy it. Me .... meh. Nothing much amazes me these days.

Monday, March 02, 2015

30 months after giving birth

Since taking up running 8 weeks ago, I feel a lot fitter. It's been great using Runkeeper as a tool to track my times and distance, but lately it's just been too hot and humid. The best times to run are in the evenings but it's not always feasible.

With volleyball training starting as well, my knees are suffering. I'm not sure if it's "old age" combined with a result of playing for 30 years.

Side-on view taken in the carpark shops nearby

Jimmy photo-bombs my selfie ....

So, 2 1/2 years after giving birth, this is my current status/measurements:-  76 - 95 - 55 (waist-hips-thigh). Hmmm not too bad! My weight still hovers around 57kg.

A comparison to my 21-month post-baby status : 76 - 98 - 58cm (waist, hips, thigh). 
"Not that far off after doing boot camp in 2011: 74 - 98.5 - 58.5

I would love to lose a few more cms from my waist and hips. Nothing like the 65 - 88 - 53 that I once was, but something in between would sure be nice.  70-92-55 sounds reasonable."

I am actually losing more weight from my hips and thighs, but nothing on the waist! 70cm on the waist sounds a bit improbable now.

With volleyball training on once a week, I'm trying to run at least twice a week, preferably 3. And also hoping to start some weight training with lunges and crunches soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Frog legs

Our tadpoles have doubled in size! They've gone from about 2" to 4" + ... and they're sprouting tiny sticklike legs! So cool!

When I first got them, I thought there were only about 25+ tadpoles in my little pond. But there seemed to be quite a few more, so I gave some away.  Each time, I would try and count the remaining tadpoles ...  and the numbers never diminished. Even after giving 22 tadpoles away (in 3 lots), I still had about 25++. Just shows how badly I estimated the initial count.

Finally, I gave the last lot away - about 10, and I have approximately 15 .... 16 ...? tadpoles left. A much more manageable number for my little pond and the amount of feeding I have to do.


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