Wednesday, October 29, 2014

End of volleyball season 2014

Indoor volleyball season ended a few months ago, and with it ended my desire to stay with the new club. We actually did surprisingly well, ending up 4th on the ladder and making it to the semi-finals. But, I didn't actually play the last few games, as .... with 9 players it was just too much for me.

Ashlea's team made the grandfinals in Division 2, and lost to the other UWA team.

I have tried to adopt the motto "It’s the things you don’t do that you regret..." to take me through decisions in life, but if I had seen the outcome of changing clubs this year, I would have chosen not to waste my time and money to play this year.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Wake Me Up (Part 1 Go-Go)

Really haven't had time to chronicle the 6 months of Jimmy updates, but I wanted to provide an update on something that new parents consider very very important: SLEEP.

The last 21-month update mentioned something along the lines of
Sleep - Rob and I have just recently got some decent sleep. Jimmy was still waking up and crying anywhere between 3-4am, we were bringing him to bed and giving him a bottle while the other half slept on the sofa bed outside. Then more early wakings at 6am ... we blamed it on the early sunrise in summer.
But he no longer wakes up crying, instead, it's more a call of "mamama ..." which doesn't actually mean mum, it means he wants something. I've also been doing the middle of the night shift, just so that I don't have to wake up at 6am in the mornings! Can't handle that. And so I've been ignoring his calls, and he has managed to settle surprisingly. So lately I haven't brought him into bed until 5am. A bottle, and a fidget with my finger will usually get him back to sleep. A more reasonable wake-up time of 7am has been on the cards, and Rob and I have been so relieved - hooray, we can finally see the end of broken nights in sight.
Another twist to our sleep story - throw in some recent insomnia for me, and a giant dose of early wakeup calls from Jimmy .... from 6am, to 5.45am on-the-dot, back down to 5.30am, and then 5.15am. No FREAKING way. I even spied 5.07am at one point. It was insane.

It seems like our toddler's body clock is tuned to the sun and the birds, these early mornings are super-tiring and they don't seem to be getting any better.

We usually take Jimmy upstairs to bed at 7.30pm and it can take him anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour before he falls asleep. This is actually my favourite part of the day, as we lie in bed together, he finishes 125ml of milk in a bottle and then it's rolling around, cuddle-time and singing.

He sleeps well throughout the night. It's very rare for him to wake and make a sound. But as the day starts to lighten and the first sounds of birds break through the night, this is the lightest sleep time, between 4-6am. And so he starts to stir soon after 5am. One of us stumbles to his room, lifts him from the cot and brings him to our bed. We give him a bottle of milk and change his nappy. We hold our breath and will him back to sleep.

But he sits up, calls to his dad and says "Up ..... UPPPP!!!!" There is no getting him back to sleep.

With such an early start to the day, it's hard to plan anything that extends beyond 10am. We went to the library once and on the way back, Jimmy starts to nod off on the back of my bike. I pedal furiously to get to my mum's place in record time. Trips to the city or on the train are curtailed, as I worry that he will fall asleep on the way back.

We make our way to my mum's usually around 11 something and he has a good long nap there, usually around 3 hours.

So, like my "meeting other mums" idea, I try a new plan of attack - Wake to sleep (WTS). Will update later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Short and long hair

The weather is warming up, I've done loads of spring-cleaning, and now it's time for some spring-cleaning on myself .... yes I need a hair cut!

I tried to get a free haircut from Gumtree ads but it was too much of a hassle, and so I ended up making an appointment at my usual hair salon - KThreeG.

This is the cut I've had my eye on for a while - it's a musician known as Lights. I LOVE her sassy, punk-rocker, layered look.

My last hair cut was a year ago when I had my fringe cut. Someone said I looked like an aunty :(

And my last short proper hair cut (ie at a salon, not by my mum) was more than 3 years ago. Spunky.

I normally pride myself on being a rather cool, slightly punky-looking mum. So I was quite excited at the thought of this ... half-and-half hair cut.

45 minutes and $38 later I bounce out of the salon. One half of my head feels lighter and cooler. The other half still hangs down my shoulder.  My hairdresser tells me I need to blow-dry and use wax. I don't usually style my hair at all, so it's a downside to getting the look.

It isn't quite what I wanted.... I think the texture and thickness of my hair means that it doesn't sit as flat and sleek as Light's. And after 24 hours, the wax made my hair heavy and hang down. I had to keep brushing my hand through it. Maybe I needed to cut off more at the top? Like my spunky cut ... what do you think?

Another day and a wash later ... the big test - no blow-dry, no wax ... I'm happier with the results. I can see some versatility in what I can do, and even if I do nothing, it looks fine!


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