Monday, June 06, 2016

Historic day - playing against my daughter in same volleyball league

It was a historic day last weekend - the first time playing against my daughter in the same volleyball league! Ashlea has been playing for UWA for the last few years, and has steadily progressed up the ranks. This is my second year with Rossmoyne Masters, and we faced off in the WA Volleyball League (Superleague 2 division).

With her almost 6-foot tall height, Ash can set, play middle as well as outside. With my 5-foot-3-inches nothing height, I mostly libero these days.

It was awesome to finally play against my daughter, so proud that she has made it up to the same division as her mum, and still a sweet 3-0 victory for us over Uni Gold.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Tioman again - KL, cousins and food

In KL and our last night, we catch up with my cousin Ai Leng and her family. Only a year older than me and we both look good for our age!

Jimmy latches on to his cousin Derek and decide that he's his new best friend

Paps drops us off at KL airport and this time, we manage to take the stroller all the way to the plane.

It's been a long day for Jimmy and he catches a few hours sleep in the stroller while we wait for our flight back to Perth

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tioman again - Triang again and durians

The joys of driving with a toddler ....
From Tanjung Gemok we head down through Triang for a stopover, so that my dad can pick up various bits and bobs (hair curlers .... freshly made handmade Triang noodle .....). A search through my blog for Triang and there are quite a few posts mentioning it - my mother's hometown in Pahang holds many fond childhood memories of family and Chinese New Year.

Dad books us into a brand spanking new hotel - Hotel Desa Inn. It sits near the old padang and near the old cinema. All long gone now.

A single room at RM78 and a king single for us (RM98) is quite reasonable and there are happy faces all around after our budget chalet stay at Tioman

At a friends' house, Rob is tempted to try some frozen durian - and quickly regrets it

I'm not a durian fan but I pucker up for my best durian-face


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