Monday, April 04, 2016

Australia Day with St John Ambulance

I finally received everything for my St John Ambulance volunteer uniform (unlike above, with black pants) so I am fully kitted out and ready to go.

Since completing my Level 1 Event Officer training a few months ago, I've been on a few events, the first being WA Ballet then Mandurah Motorcycle Charity Ride around Christmas time.

The starting point was full of black-shirted, bikie-looking sorts ... quite out of my comfort zone! But with the St John Ambulance uniform on, you become annonymous. People see the uniform, they don't see you as Asian or try and classify you from the way you look. In fact, people would come up and talk to me purely based on the fact that I was a St John Ambulance officer, with some people even calling me a paramedic - they don't make a distinction. So you automatically get some respect just for the uniform and the role.

At the end of the day, it was quite fun to ride down with the large contingent of motorcycles, and then just walk around the final destination looking at groovy bikes and classic cars.

I really really wanted to take a selfie with my uniform and all, but it was quite hard to take one in privacy and when I finally got a moment, passersby giggled at me ....

My next event was volunteering on Australia Day. It was a hot day, the uniform made my itchy rash worse ... so I swore I wouldn't do another event while the weather was still hot.

So far I had only handed out band-aids and an ice-pack, but the next event - ROC obstacle course saw a lot of sprains and injuries come in, along with heat exhaustion. Before even entering the event, I was already stopped by people asking for suncream ... love the uniform ...

I helped write down observations, took a BGL (blood glucose level) and apply ice packs to sprains and foreheads. 

Another hot day ....! Got my selfie.

It's been difficult finding the time to volunteer now that I'm attending TAFE. Weekends are precious and I know that Rob prefers us doing things together as a family on the weekends. The phone calls asking for time to volunteer are difficult to divert, and I might have to make a decision soon on whether or not to continue.

Monday, March 28, 2016

4 more years till 5-0

A very very very belated post on my birthday a few months ago. So I am now 4 years away from turning 50! OMG. That sounds SO scary.

As usual, I didn't really want to do anything. Then my cousin asked what I was doing, did I want to do anything .... she ended up organising a dinner at her place, complete with cake ... it was nice, and so I decided ... it's nice to celebrate because it's a way for people to show that they care about you!

Since turning 40, there are more greys and wrinkles. I have finally decided to look after my skin a bit more, instead of the usual slap-dash. I've been using pure rosehip essential oil at night and I really like it. Very affordable on ebay and lasts a while.

Also with all this dermatitis and dry itchy skin, I am forced to moisturise at least 2-3 times a day. Sometimes I forget and end up rolling around on the grass, and then pay for it dearly. The trials of aging!!!

Other than looking older, my body is still complaining if I don't warm up properly for volleyball. So it will be very interesting to see how many more productive years of volleyball I have left in me. Knees and back. Other than that, it's all good  :)  Hello late forties!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Coogee Beach

We still have plenty of nice sunny autumn days, and have recently discovered a lovely beach along Coogee. (Don't make the mistake of heading to Coogee beach where the jetty is, or turning into Woodman Point as we did - this beach that I'm talking about is further down south off Poore Grove).

It's a calm sheltered beach with very little waves, ideal for little ones. A floating platform off the shore (easily swimmable distance) is great fun.

A playground, cafe and plenty of fun with Auntie T and Uncle J is a bonus.


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