Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day

This is Jimmy's mum.
She is very brown!

Jimmy says -
"My mum is 65 years old
She likes to eat curry and pratha
She is good at playing cards
My mum likes to relax by lying down"

Happy Mother's Day to me!!! I spent the morning at volleyball.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Replacing our pool gate with aluminium slats (part 2)

The guys from Awards Fencing arrived this morning, and started removing our old pool gate and fencing. The bareness reminds me of when we had our old patio replaced 4 years ago.

They carefully cement in new posts and start cutting the slats to fit.

The pool gate stands, complete

I come home from work and the new pool gate is so close to being finished. I love it!

Almost finished - except for capping to cover the screws

The side gate is finished the next day - before ... and after

Looks great!! But wait .... can you spot .... the ever so slight difference in slats on the left panel and the right panel?  (they are ever so slightly out of alignment ....)

The gate is also a lot higher than the old one, and if you can spot the latch (magna latch in black against the black post), and you are superrrrr smart .... you'll realise we can't actually reach the latch and open the gate from the inside!! DOH!

AND ... the gap under the gate is more than 100mm ..... 

A different guy had to come back, and fix the slats and move the lock. And apparently, the problem with the gap is because our slab is a lot higher and the paving/levelling etc hasn't been done properly.

Anyway, we are pleased with the end result, and the cost of $3300.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Replacing our pool gate with aluminium slats

With work consuming most of my time and energy, there's not much left in me to devote to the house other than regular chores and a bit of pruning or weeding. So it was only when the rusty latch on our existing pool gate actually fell off and the self-locking bit stopped working, that forced us to look into getting a new pool gate.

Strict building regulations regarding safety and pools, means there are minimum heights to consider, and we scratched our heads a bit when trying to decipher if horizontal aluminium slats would meet the regulations. With the pool gate temporarily secured (I'm a bit worried and paranoid), we looked at a few quotes, and decided to go with Awards Fencing. These days, I go for a combination of online reviews as well as cost - check out their Facebook reviews.

A few years ago, dad extended the gate inwards by a few extra feet to give us more room in the garage to park the car.

I think it's definitely time to retire this pool gate, and can't wait to see a nice new one in its place!

We also decide to get the side gate replaced as well - we have ongoing issues where sometimes the hinge slowly loosens and the gate needs to meet safety requirements as well.


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