Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tioman again - end of our holiday

Our week-long holiday on Tioman draws to an end, and it's good bye to cheap food from the local cafe just across the shop, Mia's cafe where we had most of our meals. A late breakfast of roti, pancakes, iced coffee etc for 4 of us comes to RM31 - absolutely bargain.

It's good-bye to paps "campstyle" cooking (only my dad would lug across a butane stove cooker, pots, cooking utensils and food). He somehow manages to whip up fish curry, rice, noodles and insists on feeding us most days.

We spend the last few nights treating ourselves to fish and chips, burgers at the laidback funky Beach Shack. where you can get your hair checked for lice by the resident monkey Endon.

Tiffany and I giggle over the ripped waiter, Kelvin, who is dark enough to be mistaken for Malay but turns out to be a Hokkien boy!

The hot sultry afternoons make it hard for Jimmy to sleep, even lying on the bed makes him sweat. We all feel the heat and lethargy, and there's not much else to do but try and nap.

I am feeling it the most I think, as my itchy rash has returned with the heat and I am all out of creams. A strong windy thunderstorm kept me awake and I jump out of bed with the storm and a crashing sound (cat eating leftover food outside paps' chalet), thundering waves all combine with a bed that isn't too comfy. My sleep goes out the window and so too does holiday rest.

A far cry from our star-studded eyes that viewed our holiday abode initially, it's time to leave and a part of me is more than willing to return home.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Tioman again - island on the decline with urbanisation

There are actually several small villages on Tioman island, Malaysia. We are staying in Juara village on the east coast of Tioman. It's a small kampung (Malay village) so most of the houses are just wooden huts which suit the landscape surroundings.

It's the isolation which draws us to Juara - tourists are few, the beach is empty, the lack of cars. Surrounded by lush jungle and with the calm sea always in sight, it is a laidback and idyllic time to do not very much.

However. I think the end of the peace and serenity of Juara is in sight. Just down the road from JTP a large hotel is being built, 100-beds. That's massive. Furthermore, it is going to be a concrete palace, which is totally out of place, an ugly monstrosity with no eco-ethos and a drain on the small resources of the island.

Large steel beams and piles of sand and cement signal the end of the quiet village

Who even dreamt up this building and who the hell allowed it to be built???!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tioman again - Juara Turtle Project revisit

Juara Turtle Project is just a few minutes walk from our chalet, and I pop in to see how the volunteers are going. They have a few more nests compared to this last year so we may be able to see a hatching!

Unfortunately Jo the resident blind turtle was taken from her tank earlier this year and is still missing.  The project are currently caring for an injured turtle found in a river on Tioman

She has a large deep cut in her shell due to being hit by a boat propellor, and needs antibiotics and feeding. She seems quite friendly and doesn't seem afraid of people at all and it's good to see a turtle in Jo's old tank

I'm wrapped to see the JTP people again


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