Monday, February 15, 2016

The last of the tadpoles

Sad news - the last of my tadpoles has died. A year after I got some tadpoles and commenced Operation Frog, the slowest and last of my tadpoles has gone to Tadpole Heaven. It's been a slow developer, with a funny round body and only recently developed legs. Whereas all it's siblings left the nest in a few months, this one was slugglish and slow, didn't move around much.

I didn't think it would make it but it hung in there, and when it finally did sprout legs I thought it would keep developing. So I kept topping up the water, throwing in some boiled spinach now and then, scooping out the mozzie wrigglers to feed the fish.

But a strong thunderstorm hit Perth a few weeks ago, and the next day I found it floating at the top of my little frog pot-pond. A bit sad that it didn't make it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stocking our First-Aid Kit

After Jimmy's little toe-mishap a few months ago, I used up all the dressings that were given to us, and any other suitable dressings in our first-aid kit.

I decided to look online to restock as I found the prices much more reasonable. In the end, I purchased some dressings, bandages and tape from Independence Australia. Free shipping and it all arrived really fast. Happy customer.

Monday, February 08, 2016

Central TAFE - enrolled

So. After the kerfuffle of enrolling-not-enrolling, I am FINALLY ENROLLED at Central TAFE in the Diploma of Anaesthetic Technology.

Last week was the first week of TAFE, we had an orientation on Monday. I actually thought that it would be just enrolment, pay fees, some forms and that was it. But it turned out to be a few hours of sitting in a classroom, going through requirements (police clearance, health immunization checks), books etc. The enrolment process still didn't go smoothly. Mine didn't show class days and times. For others, they were only enrolled in 6 instead of 10 units.

Fees for first semester are $3500. There are books to buy ($110), student card ($10), blood tests and police checks to pay for,

We have 10 units to cover in semester 1. That seems like A LOT to me, as a fulltime uni course load is only around 4 a semester. Classes are 4 days a week 9am-4pm. I have a lot of juggling these few weeks - getting up early to organize myself and Jimmy, dropping Jimmy at my parents, driving to the train station, catching the train ....

Again, like uni last year, I am enjoying the different routine, meeting other people (a lot of mature-age students doing this course), and delving into the world of anaesthetics. But looking at the learning plans, assessments and textbooks, I am dismayed at how in-depth some of the material is. It's not going to be an easy stroll through the park, and although I am getting comments on how great or amazing it is that I am stepping into study for a new career, the reality is it is a real juggle when you have a family.

So. I may have to play truant and be absent from the world of blogging at times. Let's see how it goes.


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